My 2014 in Lots of Pictures.

8th of January 2014 - Turning 20

A sunny February day

My little snowman

1st of March 2014 - Playing the Piano in Mozart Cafe

A walk in the park

Exploring an abandoned mine in Capusu Mic

A lovely lung at histology

Having fun at Tarniţa Lake

Making waves at Aqua Park President Felix

Reading Orhan Pamuk's My name is Red

Tarniţa Lake

1st of May 2014 - Lovers by the sea in Constanţa

Learning for Microbiology

Learning in the warm light of sunset 

My baby told me how to play on Play Station

Summer Practice

Managed to take the first blood samples

Reading Fifty Shades Trilogy all day and all night


My photo of the big moon 

15th of August - Celebrating marine's day in the Touristic Port of Constanţa

The beautiful Black Sea

A short trip to Balchik

With my little brother at Divertiland, Bucharest

Casa Poporului, Bucharest

Quartet Festival at Iulius Mall Park with my babe.

A short trip to Oradea with my sister.

View from Bucegi Plateau.

The Sphinx.

Swinging on the most amazing swing I've ever seen at Cantacuzino Palace, Buşteni

Peleş Castle, the most beautiful castle I've ever seen.

Petting this amazing horse. I just love horses.

Ready for surgery.

Aqua Zumba Halloween Party.

I'm a big fan of basketball. Go "U" BT!

A beautiful wooden church in Romulus Vuia Park, Cluj-Napoca.

A little party never killed nobody... 

Taking some photos in beautiful Dresden...

Prague, Czech Republic

The last day of 2014 at Mărişel.

Panoramic view of Mărişel.

My twelve books of 2014.

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Wish you all the best in 2015!

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