19th year of my life!

Today is my birthday! I'm turning 19. Pretty happy about this thing, eventhough I'd prefer being a child
again. Anyway, I guess you've already remarked my brand new skirt! It was a gift from my boyfriend and I'm totally in love with it. And with my boyfriend, of course . He also bought me a nice pair of pink flats. My mother bought me a hole puncher for fabrics. My sister bought me two nice t-shirts, which I can't wait to wear! She was really sweet because she cooked me 19 cupcakes. They were really delicious.

What I'm wearing:

  • Black lace skirt from Stradivarius
  • Plain white t-shirt from Reserved (about 5 $)
  • Grey Zara high-heels from Zara (about 40 $)
  • Golden collar from Pandora's Box  (about 5 $)
  • Spiked bracelets from Stradivarius (about 10 $ a set)
  • Leather jacket from Tally Weijl (about 25 $)

Have a nice evening!


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