Spiked Rain Boots. (DIY Tutorial)

Spikes are my favourite this season! I love them on everything. That's how I decided to upgrade a pair of rain boots and save a lot of money. The result is amazing! I mean, my boots look stunning. The costs were really low and they were done almost in a minute. It is really a DIY to die for. Check out what I'm talking about!

What you'll need:
- a pair of rain boots (mine are from Decathlon)
- twelve golden spikes
- some glue (I used E6000)

1. Put some glue on the back of a spike.

2. Fix the spike wherever you want on the boot. I wanted them on the boot's back line so I started right above the horizontal line which separates the foot from the leg.

3. Keep on adding spikes repeating the steps above until you fixed all of them.

4. Let them dry for the night and you are ready to wear them!

That's all! Hope this tutorial was helpful! 

Have a nice evening!


  1. love it! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  2. Big love! Pot sa te intreb de unde poti cumpara za spikes in Cluj? Danke!

    1. Gasesti spike-uri la Nico Claus. Ii drept ca sunt pentru cusut, dar sunt bune si astea cand nu ai altceva:)

  3. Super! Mersi muuult! Keep up the good work with the blog!


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