Pearls. Spikes. Denim.

I love denim shirts! I love pearls! I love spikes! And I love all of them together! These are my today's outfit 'key pieces': my DIY spikes necklace, two DIY pearl bracelets and some pearl accessories for hair. I also like the contrast betwen black and sky blue. This is a perfect look for a long faculty day. It looks so feminine and sexy! The coat just added some coziness to my look. What do you think about it?

What I'm wearing:
  • Denim shirt from Stradivarius (about 20 $)
  • Black skirt from Stradivarius (about 25 $)
  • Black ankle boots with laces from Pull and Bear (about 50 $)
  • Black Zara coat (about 100 $)
  • DIY spikes necklace (here)
  • DIY pearls bracelets

 Have a nice evening!


  1. how did you make the diy pearl bracelets?? they are beautiful!!!

    1. i will post a tutorial these days if you want me to. it is actuallt easy. stay tuned for it!


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