Supplies from Neos Marmaras.

 Since I've started my blog I'm continuously looking for supplies. I love to create! I'm always trying new tutorials I find online and I always try creating my owns. That's why I'm always searching for beads, chains and this sort of things. I did the same thing on my holiday. Finally, I came across with this shop in Neos Marmaras. I loved its unique look and I said: 'I have to see what's inside!'. I don't regret that! A lot of handmade stuff and, of course, supplies! I couldn't be happier! I bought a nice headband with roses, some bells, some painted shells and a lot of colored beads. You can find this shop near the seaport. There is a sweet bike with a lot of flowers in front of the shop. There are some photos!

Have a nice evening!


  1. lovely post! hope you will do soon a DIY !


  2. Wao, that looks like crafting Paradise!! I'm also really into DIY and crafts.. I wish I had more time to do them though!



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