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Hello everyone! Beside the fact that my holiday was nice, I came back with a lot of things: some bought by me and some presents. I love buying things from other countries. They seem so unique. I found a lot of sweet things, but I prefered to choose some things I really needed. The streets were full of nice shops with a lot of amazing stuff, but I'm really tired of collecting a lot of useless things. Finally I came home with the best of the best.

Firstly, my boyfriend gave me a really nice cognac colored handbag and a pretty little ring from Stradivarius. He was so sweet when he told me that he had enough of my big black H&M bag with chain and he wanted to see me going out with a sweet little bag.
On my last day in Pefkohori, Greece, I went for shopping. After buying some gifts, I found a great pair of black boots with really high platforms. I totally loved them and so did my boyfriend. Obviously, I bought them and I can't wait to pair them with my clothes.
After that, we went to Turkey. When you say Turkey you meen hassle and Bazaars. I couldn't say no to a walk in Kusadasi's Bazaars. I spent a lot of money in their shops. Finally I observed that only a few things were for me: two bracelets with Allah's Eye, a black cashmere scarf and a white watch.

I love them all. Which one is your favorite? 

Have a nice evening!


  1. Love the bag!it's really nice!


    New post!

  2. Great findings, my love!

    Lots of kisses,



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