Spikes Necklace. (DIY Tutorial)

Spikes are certainly a must nowadays. They were on the catwalks for SS12 and they will still be there for FW. I always find them like really chic accessories for a lady. They can transform any look no matter what. Eventhough you find any sort of necklaces in shops, I believe that making your own is better. You know that you made it and it is unique, just like any of us. I have searched for spikes everywhere in Cluj, on the internet (but you can't be sure you will find what you want) and finally I found some in Bucharest on Dorobanti street. I was so happy and right after I got home I made this pretty little necklace, which was really easy to make.

What you will need: 
- 5 silver spikes (2 cm/ 1 inch are mine)
- 5 golden spikes
-silver chain (the links should fit your studs screws)
-a clasp
-a screwdriver

1. Cut the silver chain at the desired length. Then fold the chain in half.

2. Leave the two links in the middle free and use the ones on the side.

3. Get two spike screws and slip them through the marked links. I slipped a golden screw and a silver screw for an alternative look.

4. At the other end screw the spike et voilá! You screwed your first two spikes.

5. Leave two links and screw the next spike. Keep on doing this on the same sides until you screw all the spikes.

6. Now add the clasp and there you go! You just made your spike necklace!

Doesn't it look great? I love mine! Now lets take it out for a tour!

Have a nice evening!


  1. Ce misto! As incerca si eu dar habar nu am de unde sa imi cumpar tepi, eu neavand drum prin Bucuresti in viitorul apropiat :)


    1. incearca sa cumperi de pe internet, de pe farzat.ro sau de pe breslo.ro.

  2. Arată foarte bine :X

  3. Love it dear! ...si imi place foarte mult denumirea blog-ului tau , f original! TE pup! New follower!

  4. super tare!!! nu pot sa cred <3
    Vreau si eu !

    1. daca te intereseaza un astfel de colier, poti sa ma contactezi pe mail:)


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