Pearls Collar Necklace. (DIY Tutorial)

Pearls are a must. They can totally change the look of an outfit. Anyway, the days when pearls were worn only at elegant looks are gone. Nowadays, you see pearls everywhere. They give a chic accent to any look. Even more, pearls collars are so in right now and that's why I want to show you my version.

What you'll need:
- 106 pearls (mine were 4 mm)
- 33 golden eye pins
- thread (mine was light blue, but you can choose any color you want)
- 4 knot connectors
- 40 cm (15.7 in) of tiny golden chain
- 6 golden jump rings
- a clasp
- round nose pliers
- scissors
- normal pliers
- needle (not compulsory)

1. First, you will need to create loops at the end of each eye pin: bend the end and then roll the pliers, so it forms a loop.

2. Now, cut two pieces of thread. They should be long. This way it will be easier to create knots.

3. Form a knot at the end of one piece of thread. Then slip a pearl on the thread.

4. Now, add an eye pin.

6. I think you guess what's next: add a pearl and another eye pin. Keep on doing this until you will use all the eye pins. 

Tip: If it is hard to thread the pearls, then just add a needle at the other end and everything will be much easier.

7. After you got all the pins on the thread you should have something like this:

8. Form a knot at the end and secure both ends with a knot connector.

9. Get your second piece of thread and form a knot at one end. Secure the knot with a knot connector.

10. At the other end add the needle and lets start threading the pearls. Get one pearl and slip it on the thread. Then take an eye pin from one end of the other thread and slip the free loop on this thread. Just like this.

11. Then, add two pearls and then slip the second eye pin on the thread.

12. Keep on adding two pearls on the thread until you will have 13 pairs of pearls added as above. Then, you will have to add three pearls and then slip the eye pin.

13. After adding one time 3 pearls, you will have to add 3 times 4 pearls.

14. Then, you will have to add once again 3 pearls and then just 2 at a time until you get this row done. When you finished the row, just form a knot and secure it with a knot connector. Cut the excess of thread and that's what you should have:

15. After that, take the chain and cut it into 4 even pieces.

16. Slip two chains on a jump ring and do the same thing with the other two chains. On one jump ring add the clasp.

17. Add a jump ring on each free chain end.

18. Add the chains to the pearls rows.

And here you have your own pearls collar necklace!

Ain't it look great?

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! Let me know if you tried it!

Have a nice evening!


  1. Woowww, ce bine arata colierul,ai avut ceva rabdare :)De acum te urmaresc prin GfC.PUPICI



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