My sister playing in the suitcase

Hello my dears! I'm both happy and sad, because I'll be away for about a month. The long awaited trip is right around the corner: almost 3 weeks in Bucharest, 6 days in Greece and other 6 days in Turkey. It sounds like a really long trip, but actually I'm pretty sure the time will pass by so fast. So, earlier today I started to pack all the things I need. It was quite hard to choose the best clothes and accessories. It always is, especially when the vacation is so long. Finally, I managed to not take all my dresser with me and here is the result.

8 pairs of shoes. I still need some...

Trousers, shorts and skirts.


Cardigans, jumpers and my denim vest. 
Tops and shirts.

Lots of accessories...

Sunglasses <3.

And trying to close my suitcase.
Have a nice evening!

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