Bad Shoes Day and My Wire DIYs.

Hello my dears! I had quite a bad day. You know that song from Daniel Powter ? Well, my shoes made my day. They were a real pain in the ass. I love high heels, but today they made me change my mind. As I decided to wear a really bright outfit, I borrowed my sister's sandals. They are really cute, but they were just like a medieval torture device. Eventhough I am used to wear even higher heels, those drove me crazy. They didn't hold my ankle and I almost break my neck three times. I felt so ashamed walking like this. Anyway, I decided that I won't wear my sister's sandals anymore. I wrote this so you will not make my mistake. It's really important that your high heels make you feel stable. So, be careful!

After that awful experience, I came home and I made some wire rings. This way I managed to relax myself. I have tried to create a double finger ring with my name, one with a wired stone and a tip finger ring. What do you think about them? Would you like to see the tutorial? Then leave a comment!

Have a nice evening!

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