Necklace Hanger Support. (DIY Tutorial)

I have a lot of necklaces and I always had problems with their storage. I have a lot of boxes but I prefer keeping my necklaces out, so I can see them. I used to keep them on my shelves, but they always got twisted and I hate when this thing happens. So, I decided to make a change. Drilling my wall wasn't a good idea. Applying a lot of plastic hooks on my wardrobe sounded pretty cheap. I wanted something natural and to DIY it. This way I came across with the idea of making a necklace hanger support. It wasn't very difficult, but the result was really good.

Follow the steps below and you'll get something like this too.

What you'll need:

a wood hanger
about 15 small nails
measuring tape
a marker
a hammer (mine is pretty old)

1. Measure the length of the wooden rack.

2. Keep the measuring tape near the rack. Using your marker, mark the places where you want to hammer your nails. I left 2 centimeters (0.8 in) at the sides and I wanted my nails to have 5 cm (2 in) betwen each other. 

3. Using my hammer I marked the other piece of wood. I placed the hammer near the second point and I marked the place on the piece of wood. This way I got a point right betwen the two point below.

4. After that, I started to hammer my nails on the black points. Take care at your nails! (I used my leg to hold the hanger still)

Et voila! There is your own necklace hanger support!

You've got only one thing left to do: put all your necklaces on it!

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