Hippie Summer Look.

I love the hippie look. It makes you look so natural and sexy. I also like lace blouses this one from Forever 21 fitted my hippie outfit perfectly. I usually wear it with a simple top under. That's why I chose it for my outfit today. I really felt like in holiday, eventhough there is one week left until the exams. Can't wait to get rid of them and spend my time doing what I like: Blogging and DIYing!

What I wear:
  • an ivory lace blouse with side fringes bought from Forever 21 (about 25 $)
  • a tan top from Bershka (about 5 $)
  • denim shorts from Zara (about 20 $)
  • Deichmann gladiator sandals 
  • beige and brown Zara doctor's bag with flowers detail (about 40$)
  • DIY golden headpiece
  • golden cuff bracelet from H&M (about 7 $)

The clothes
Some of the accesories
After taking the photos I had a lemonade in the city centre and I would like to share some of it with. I hope you will enjoy the song.

Have a nice evening!


  1. I love you're blog, and you're style. I follow u, dear :)
    A lot of kisses.

  2. You're so lovely!
    http://cruzandoelcieloo.blogspot.com.es/ ♥

  3. This look is really cute, Love the headband in the first picture!
    Defo a new follower hah:)

    www.staceyfromtheblog.blogspot.com - I'm super new to this so its nothing special but I'd really appriciate if you could check it out:))

  4. I love this look, it looks both beautiful and comfortable for the summer heat. It has been about 100*F (37-38*C) where I live with very high humidity, so everything has to be cool and comfortable!



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