Prom Party Look

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I've not posted for such a long time, but I was really busy. Anyway, after the final exams I'm going to post more tutorials.
Anyway, this post is not for complaining, but for showing my prom look. It took place on Thursday at DaVinci, a local restaurant. Being an important moment in my life, made me choose an elegant outfit. I was inspired by a dress I once saw at MTV Movie Awards and by Chris de Burgh's song, "Lady in Red". So, I went for a red mullet dress. I didn't buy it. It was made at a local tailor.

A dress Like this needed a pair of high heels. Initially, I wanted a pair of black high heeled sandals. After a while I decided for a pair of lace nude heels. I found them in Zara, but they didn't have my size in my town. So, I called my father and he bought them for me from Bucharest. They are 13 cm (5.16 inches) tall, but despite that fact they were very comfortable. 

I had a light pink clutch. Actually, it wasn't mine. My aunt lent it to me. It was so sweet. 

I had some delicate accesories: a pair of rhinestone earrings, a DIY rhinestone necklace and a DIY rhinestone bracelet.

I red-polished my nails and I curled my hair. I wanted a natural look, so I chose a easy make up. The result was amazing.

And here are a few photos from the party:


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