Homemade Croakies. (DIY Tutorial)

I have written in the post before that I didn't find some croakies for my Hearts Sunglasses Chain project so I had to make my own version. Actually, it was pretty easy.

What you'll need:

an elastic
some wire
a pair of scissors
a pair of pliers

1. Cut the elastic in 3 equal pieces.

2. Using a pin, fix a piece of elastic in a 'S' form, just like in the next photo:

3. Then take some wire and start wrapping around the middle of the 'S' form.

4. Take the pin out and continue wrapping around. Use your pliers if necessary. Cut the excess of elastic and that's all.

It wasn't something difficult. That's the way I made my own croakies. Will you try to make your own?

1 comment:

  1. Very simple and cool perfect for people like me that suck at DIY


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