Hearts Sunglasses Chain. (DIY Tutorial)

I love sunglasses! That's the reason why I have a dozen. But sometimes they seem boring and make me feel unexpressive. I prefer wearing things which are showing my personality. One day I was looking for some sunglasses and I came across a heart chain for them. I was sure that I want to create my own version. Et voila!

What you need:

a red plastic sheet
a heart hole puncher
a pin
about 50 cm of small chain(about 19.7 in)
10 jump rings
2 croakies

1. Make some heart shaped holes in your plastic sheet. I made 6, because I wanted 3 on one side and 3 on the other side.

2. Place your hearts as you would like them to look in your chain.

3. Take the pin and make two holes in each heart: one on the upper side of the heart and the other one lower. The two holes should make an imaginary line which divides the heart in two pieces.

4. Connect three hearts (or as much as you want) using the jump rings. Then add one jump ring at each end of the heart row.

5. Cut the chain in three pieces: 2 measuring 8.5 cm (3.3 in) and one about 35 cm (13.1 in). Connect the smaller pieces at the upper end of your heart rows and the longer chain at the bottom of the heart rows.

6. Finally, add the croakies. I made my own croakies, because I didn't find some. I will post a DIY Tutorial for the croakies later.

Attach the chain to your sunglasses and that's all. Easy, huh?
You can try other shapes or colors. Just show me if you try!

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