Coin Ring. (DIY Tutorial)

I'm in love with statement rings. I bought a few, but I didn't find exactly what I needed. After discovering a moustache ring on the internet I decided to DIY my own version. Thanks to my grandma I managed to create the moustache form. Later, I bought some miniatures from Wien and I transformed the phone into a ring. One day I was looking for some necklaces and I came across some souvenir coins I bought from Rome. I decided to transform one into a statement ring. It was easy-peasy.

You'll need:
a coin (or whatever you' d like to turn into a ring)
a ring base
super glue
something heavy

1. Put some super glue on the ring base.

2. Put the coin over the glued base and press it a few seconds.

3. Turn the ring upside-down and put the heavy thing over. I used my pliers.
That's all. Let it dry for a while before wearing it.

You can try using other things for your statement ring. It ain't hard at all. Let me know if you created your own!

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  1. wow ce tare ! cu siguranta o sa incerc si eu :P



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