Gold Dip Dye Chain Earrings. (DIY Tutorial)

Dip dye is really a must this season. I like especially the earrings from Chanel (right image). They inspired me to create my own version (left image, my sister wearing them) for an affordable price. It's pretty simple to make them. Check this out!

You'll ned:
3 meters (about 118 inches) of golden chain
2 jump rings
2 golden earring hooks
black spray paint
a pair of pliers

1. Cut the chain in 18 pieces, each measuring about 16 cm (6.3 in). You'll need 9 pieces for one earring.

2. Open one jump ring and insert the chains on the jump ring just like this:

3. Add the earring hook and close the jump ring.

4. Repeat the steps above to create the other earring. You can wear them like this or you can continue.

5. That's my favourite part: the spray-painting. You should do this in a ventilated space. I used a black spray paint from the local market. Read the instructions on the tube. Then, spray paint the end of your earrings. Do it for several times and keep moving the chains for a better result. Let them dry for a while.

That's all. Easy, right?

You can use other colours if you want to. If you try other colors, let me know.:)
I hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for future tutorials!

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